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Rock Climbing

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Experience Panama Rock Climbing like never before! In Boquete, we are very lucky to have a natural rock climbing wall formed by volcanic rocks called El Gunko, in the Bajo Mono region. Here, our rock climbing guide Cesar Melendez has set up different routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

El Gunko route is for basic to intermediate climbers and has a total of 15 routes (5.6 – 5.11a). Mana is for advanced climbers and has 7 routes (5.11a – 5.12d). If you let us know about your previous experience, we will be able to make the best recommendation in terms of difficulty.

The following routes have been created for very experienced climbers only, so please let us know about your previous climbing experience.

Legacy has 6 routes, and is for elite climbers (5.10a – 5.13a), and Paradiso only has 1 route (5.13a).

Each rock climbing tour includes a short warm-up and detailed safety briefing. Rock climbers with previous experience will be given 3 hours to climb any amount of routes of their own choice.

The experience starts either at 9am or 2pm, and during rainy season only morning sessions will be offered.

We will set up the pickup for you at your lodging option, just let us know where you will be staying at. You can choose to have a one half day tour, or combine multiple days.

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